Call For Paper

ICICV 2021 welcomes papers from researchers, academicians, scholars, and industrialists and will cover enormous tracks in the field of IoT. Papers that propose/report the recent communication and data processing innovations in IoT architecture is strongly encouraged. The proposed research papers should impact at least on anyone context involved in ICICV. All the papers should state their research novelty and contribution towards the IoT services, architectures, and applications.

Communication And Networking Technologies

Wireless Sensor Networks
Large-scale networks for IoT
Peer-to-Peer networks
Delay tolerant networks
Ubiquitous Networks
Social networks
Network cryptography
Device-to-Device communications
Machine-to-Machine Communications
5G Networks
Internet of Things
Network Interoperability
Authentication and Authorization Models
Intrusion Detection Systems
RFID and Cognitive radio
Cyber-Physical Systems
Software Defined Networks
Heterogeneous Networks
Ad-hoc Networks
Next-generation Networking Technologies

Communication Technologies

Computer vision and architecture
Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing
Fog/Edge Computing
Big Data
Semantic Data Mining and Analytics
Pattern Recognition
Soft Computing
Artificial intelligence
Machine Learning
Virtual Reality
Pervasive Computing
Cognitive Computing
Parallel Computing
Quantum Computing
Smart Grid Computing
Green Computing
Social Computing


Automated Industries
Smart Cities
Smart Homes
Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Healthcare Applications
Wearable technologies
Remote Monitoring
Agricultural monitoring
Secured Communication Solutions