Paper Submission Due

16 November, 2020

Acceptance Notification Date

14 December, 2020

Last Date of Registration

09 January, 2021

Conference Date

04-06 February, 2021

About Conference

Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks (ICICV 2021) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences, the state of the art and practice of cloud computing, identify emerging research topics, communication technologies and define the future of intelligent communication approaches, cloud computing and research results about all aspects of Engineering Technology and Innovation. All topics regarding cloud computing align with the theme of Virtual Mobile Cloud and Communication Technologies. The integration of Virtual mobile cloud computing and communication technologies and engineering permits new applications that provide resources and services on an intelligent basis, process big data collected from mobile sensors, and assist Internet of things with massive cloud-based backend, where the 5G technology is expected to be an important enabler of this integration. Such applications will have incredible impacts on almost every feature of our daily life, including transportation, e- commerce, healthcare, safety and location privacy, smart home and smart city, social interaction, and many more. We will celebrate our 2021 version of gathering, to strive to advance the largest international professional forum on virtual mobile cloud computing and communication technologies.

About the College

The Francis Xavier Engineering College popularly known as FX Engineering College, was established in the year 2000 with the vision to empower budding engineers in technical and entrepreneurial training and to contribute to the socio- economic augmentation of the nation.
The college is located the heart of the city of Tirunelveli heralded worldwide as the Oxford of South India, and is well connected by Road, Rail and Air. Students of FX Engineering College are given the opportunity to pursue first-rate and advanced technical education regardless of background, gender or financial constraints. The necessity to promote most advantageous learning and service is well harmonized and clearly expressed by allowing students to successfully plan their education and competently achieve the education they need. Curricular and co-curricular programs form an integral part of the curriculum and help students to have commanding incorporation of theory and practical knowledge. Each individual is motivated to increase the gravity of responsibility and be committed to serve the nation.
The college is full of opportunities where students' talents can thrive and it systematically transforms a graduate to a future ready professional. The institution is open to the exchange of ideas, where discovery, creativity, and personal and professional development can flourish. It is a responsive, student-oriented institution that is committed to the creation, dissemination, and acquisition of knowledge through teaching, research and service.


Our Vision is "To provide education in Engineering with excellence and ethics and to reach the unreached".


Our Mission is "To create innovative and vibrant young leaders and entrepreneurs in Engineering and Technology for building India as a super knowledge power and blossom into a University of excellence recognized globally".

Quality Policy

We aim at continuous pursuit for excellence through quality education tapped from National and International resources. Modular approach to channelize knowledge and programmed evaluation of knowledge accumulated. Continuous reviewable and renewal of quality systems leading to quality output. Producing Engineer with string ethical and moral background.

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